Making an ACE Recovery from Depression

Photo: Ove Tøpfer, stock.xchng

My treatment switched from anxiety to recovering from depression for a couple of weeks.  One of the things that helped was to complete an activity diary and record my activity in terms of Achievement, Closeness and Enjoyment.  I identified each activity – for example watching telly with my husband whilst having an cuddle and chocolate and scored it our of 10 for achievement (0), closeness (10) and enjoyment (10).  The idea is to appreciate which activities are the most useful and to do more of them.  I made a surprise discovery that one of the things I most enjoyed doing at that time was the aforementioned cuddle watching telly (with chocolate)!  Before this exercise I had thought (rather harshly) that all TV watching was a waste of time because it didn’t achieve anything – how wrong could I be!